How to Create Loyal Families that Stay (and Refer!)

During the many years you are in business there will be families in your care that will stay with you until their child outgrows the options you provide, but there will also be some that you will lose as well. Losing a family because they decided to move on to another center can hit your bottom […]

These are your Childcare Parental Rights in California

My name is Stef Tousignant and I am the co-founder of Daybear. I passionately believe that by providing quality care during the early years a better future is created for all. Starting at age 16 I worked my way over the years from assistant teacher to teacher to lead teacher to director and administrator. I have […]

Add a touch of Reggio Emelia to your In-home Childcare’s Curriculum

The Reggio Emelia approach to learning has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade. Many parents will seek out schools at which this approach to child lead, project-based learning is honored and cultivated. But is it right for you and your in-home childcare? The Reggio Emelia philosophy stresses the Arts as […]

How much money can I make running my own family childcare in California?

Although it may be fun to work on art projects and build block towers every day, owning and operating an in-home childcare or daycare will be your small business. That means you get to choose the hours of operation, the total amount of kids you would like to watch, as well as what ages they can be. […]

6 Family Childcare Myths: Start Up

There are so many amazing reasons to start a family childcare from your home. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions when it comes to starting up a family childcare as well: you can’t have any pets, your house will have to change, you need to be a teacher, on and on. These preconceived notions keep potential […]

Tech Tools to Help Childcare Providers Divide and Conquer!

When you run a home-based small business safeguarding your time needs to be a first priority or boom! you’re burning the candle at both ends, emotionally and physically exhausted, and wishing you too could nap at naptime! We have plenty of ideas to ensure you maintain some semblance of work/life “balance”, but taking advantage of the […]

Marketing Your In-home Childcare – Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing! We know the thought of it may make some of you worry about the bottom line but in the end, marketing is just another aspect of your small business you should be working on year round. There really is no silver bullet, but if you are consistent and keep at it marketing your center […]

Childcare Health & Safety Trainings in the Northern California

We are so excited to be there for you on this journey! Starting your CA Child Care Licensing required trainings is the best way to meet other providers in the Bay Area, to learn a bit about how to save a life and discover all the different ways you can care for and nourish the young […]

How to Share the Benefits of In-Home Care with Prospective Parents

  A parent who calls your center or comes by for a tour is typically weighing more than one option when it comes to the care of their child. They may still be deciding on whether to go with an in-home child care, a center based one, or even a nanny or nanny share. It […]

Maintaining your Sanity while Running a Childcare in Your Home

Ok let’s face it – working from home can be really great! No commute time, missed package deliveries, and yay! to washing that last minute load of laundry. But what seems like a good idea at first, can start to go astray unless you set up strategies to maintain some semblance of work/life balance. You […]